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Well, I leave for India in one week! Next Wednesday my parents will drive me to San Francisco where I will be hoping on a plane to London, then to Bangalore, then on to Coimbatore, where I will be getting in a taxi sent by Freedom Firm for the three hour ride to Ooty. I truly can’t believe that the time is almost here. Often when you think about something for a long time this happens, but having never been to Asia and committing to living in India for three months makes for my most surreal experience yet.

I have $2,700 in financial support at this point in time. This is so much more that I anticipated, yet because I am so close to the $3,000 cost I am hopeful I will reach it. If you desire to support what I am doing in India (now, or even after I have left) you may make checks out to me with the subject line “India” and send them to:

Dori Richardson

8511 N. Rio Linda

Fresno, CA. 93711

My countdowns for Christmas and New Year’s have been blurred because of the way I have associated them with leaving for India. I seem to keep forgetting that 2011 is just a few days away! A couple days ago my family went on our traditional “New Year” day trip. It was beautiful. Here are a few photos:

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Ecclesiastes 3 talks about seasons for everything under heaven. I remember one of the last devotions my friend Rachel and I led for the girls of our floor in April 2009. Part of what we talked about was this very thing. For the two of us being about to graduate from college and go on to a new season of life it seemed to fit so well. Most of the girls present for devotions that night seemed to really relate to having apprehensions and excitement for the new things coming in their lives too. It’s funny because at the time I thought I understood “seasons” better than I ever had, and it was true. What I didn’t know is how much more I would come to know what scripture talks about— what Pete Seeger put in to song and The Byrds later recorded making “Turn! Turn! Turn!” #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1965. ( Since graduating from college on my 22nd birthday, May 1, 2009, God has taught me so much about seasons and what comes with them. I’ve learned how crucial having patience is when you are in a season of life that you are less than thrilled about—- the hard seasons or the seasons where you simply don’t know what’s around the next turn.

I just had my last full day of work on Friday. As I see the end of one season of my life- that is the season of being fresh out of college, working as a nanny, figuring out what the next step is. It seems appropriate that we are now in a season of love and celebrating Christ’s birth… a time when we say “Seasons Greetings!” Ha. The season of looking into organizations that fight sex trafficking, feeling like there are no doors opening, just wanting to go… those days are over. My passion and desire to love these girls has continued, but the process of getting there is coming to a close because I know I can say I am leaving in less than a month. Yup, it’s actually happening. Now I prepare for a new season, one that will be filled with many challenges and difficulties, but absolutely worth it.

Chloe, the little girl I was a nanny for, loves cats.

I thank all those who have encouraged me in this past season and are already encouraging me in the coming one. Thank you to my best friend, Caitlin, my favorite urban missionary who was my first financial supporter and helped me with parts of my support letter I couldn’t do on my own. To my sister, Dana, for being one of my top encouragers in my desire to fight sex trafficking. And her husband, Collie, if it weren’t for them I wouldn’t have heard of Freedom Firm because they kept their ears open for me. To my other sister, Dawn, for believing in me and the powerful freedom that God wants for these girls. To my parents, who have shared with friends and family what I am doing by even passing on my support letters. To my friend, Whitney, being my closest friend left in Fresno she has heard me vent my frustrations with the many seemingly closed doors. I have had so many people that I know well or not much at all generously offer to help me with this or that by passing on everything from helpful information, contacts, to an international cell phone to use. To all of those of you who have encouraged me with your words and your finances, it is because of you I now have $2,472 in support and it’s still coming in! God has used you to bless me and the sex trafficking survivors I will be working with.

May this season of love be truly filled with Love for you and yours.

A goal reached

This past Sunday I was blessed with the opportunity to briefly share with my church what I am going to be doing in India. An offering was taken and I just received a call informing me that —


was given


This was just one offering in one day! I am in awe to say the least. So, this brings the updated total to $2,197 given. I am so appreciative of those whom have graciously given to support my dream of loving on girls who have survived sex trafficking. I am now past my goal of covering my airfare. Again, all of my India costs will be about $3,000. If I do not have this much raised I plan to cover it myself. If the amount given exceeds what’s needed I plan to give those funds to Freedom Firm. So, if you would still like to help it would be like confetti on top of this very blessed process. 🙂


On another happy note, my sister Dana, and her husband Collie, decided to surprise my parents and I by coming for Thanksgiving! It was so great to spend some time with them!