A goal reached

This past Sunday I was blessed with the opportunity to briefly share with my church what I am going to be doing in India. An offering was taken and I just received a call informing me that —


was given


This was just one offering in one day! I am in awe to say the least. So, this brings the updated total to $2,197 given. I am so appreciative of those whom have graciously given to support my dream of loving on girls who have survived sex trafficking. I am now past my goal of covering my airfare. Again, all of my India costs will be about $3,000. If I do not have this much raised I plan to cover it myself. If the amount given exceeds what’s needed I plan to give those funds to Freedom Firm. So, if you would still like to help it would be like confetti on top of this very blessed process. 🙂


On another happy note, my sister Dana, and her husband Collie, decided to surprise my parents and I by coming for Thanksgiving! It was so great to spend some time with them!


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4 responses to “A goal reached

  • dana coburn

    Wow, how overwhelmingly loved and supported you are. God is really honoring your obedience and willingness to sacrifice so much of yourself to benefit His Kingdom. Well done Dori—-you are such a faithful servant of the King.

    Love you Oodles!

  • Peggy Stubbs

    Dori, I am so happy for you! God is SO faithful!

    My grandson, Matthew Gustafson would like to follow your blogs. He has a heart for the work of God & has been on many mission trips throughout high school & college. As I was excited and shared about what you are doing, he asked if he could follow your work.
    With your permission, I will forward your blogs to him. Let me know.
    Love & prayers…Peggy

  • upsidedownbethlehem

    803 come on in! Wa ha ha ha ha!

    dori is amazing. And it is an honor to be able to cheer her on as she cheers on India!

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