Well, I leave for India in one week! Next Wednesday my parents will drive me to San Francisco where I will be hoping on a plane to London, then to Bangalore, then on to Coimbatore, where I will be getting in a taxi sent by Freedom Firm for the three hour ride to Ooty. I truly can’t believe that the time is almost here. Often when you think about something for a long time this happens, but having never been to Asia and committing to living in India for three months makes for my most surreal experience yet.

I have $2,700 in financial support at this point in time. This is so much more that I anticipated, yet because I am so close to the $3,000 cost I am hopeful I will reach it. If you desire to support what I am doing in India (now, or even after I have left) you may make checks out to me with the subject line “India” and send them to:

Dori Richardson

8511 N. Rio Linda

Fresno, CA. 93711

My countdowns for Christmas and New Year’s have been blurred because of the way I have associated them with leaving for India. I seem to keep forgetting that 2011 is just a few days away! A couple days ago my family went on our traditional “New Year” day trip. It was beautiful. Here are a few photos:

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