I made it!

part 1:

Well, this post is in two parts: the first part from an extremely tired dare I say down right exhausted red haired, blue eyed, fair skinned girl (that sticks out like a sore thumb) sitting in Bangalore’s Airport waiting to be able to check my bags. ((I should ask you to free me of any spelling/grammatical rules before you read on because at this point I’ve maybe had two hours of sleep in the past… 30 hours?)) A mere hour and a half ago I would have said, though very long and draining, my journey has been quite smooth and uneventful. Until I landed in Bangalore, noticing upon entering India you are required to a give an address of where you will be staying. This would not have been a problem, had the address been in my carry on… or checked bag. 😦 I thought I put my packet of contact info in my checked suitcase by mistake…. but alas I must have left it behind in CA. I hoped being able to give the town and a contact phone number they would let me get by. Nope. After quite the escapade of talking to this man, that man, another, that stern one, and then the younger more understanding one…. they agreed to first let me call my contact to get the number, it being the first time using my international phone there were some problems, then agreeing to give me an escort to the package claim as long as they kept my passport at the security point. After waiting for and then digging through my bags, there was no sign of the address. After the younger more understanding man (my escort) and a young woman waited patiently I reiterated that I thought I had the address and did not mean to create such issues. The woman then decided she would use her phone to call my contact (which was a nice gesture in my book), but there was no answer— likely due to the fact that it was 5:30 am India time! After looking through my bag yet again and starting to get really frustrated and kicking myself, they seemed to feel bad and talk to me about where I will be staying etc. I suddenly realized (Thank you, Lord!) my computer! I knew if I had internet access I would have it in a flash, but wasn’t sure I had it saved to my laptop. My escort told me he would find out how I could internet. While, he went and asked I found the info I put aside for my parents on my laptop! Longggg story short (kinda ;)), I literally started laughing when I got it all figured out (Ok, Lord, thanks for helping me out of that one! I don’t know what would have happened…) This helped break the ice because then “my escort” was more friendly and understanding as I apologized and thanked him for his patience while joking that I felt like I was getting “special treatment.” He smiled saying, “Well, it’s your first time in India so you should get special treatment.” Then back to the security entry man we went, he was quite as a mouse, entered everything in and everything cleared. I laughed again. The fact that I had four and a half hours between flights in the end was wonderful because it let me know I have the time. I got my bags, went through “customs” (aka a man standing there looking at my passport?). Tugged my bags to the KingFisher Airlines transfer window and found out I have to wait an hour and a half to even be able to check them in. So, here I sit dry eyed (literally, I think it’s from being in the air so long), in a half zombie state humored that things could have been a whole lot worse.

part 2:

Soooooo….. I waited another three hours waiting for my short one hour jaunt of a flight to Coimbatore. Then I was picked up by the driver sent by Freedom Firm and we made the two and a half hour trek to Ooty. Wow. The driving was mostly what I expected- lots of honking and swerving around other vehicles, people, animals, etc. However, I didn’t realize the last hour and a half would be so windey (add on the driving style) up the mountains. To be honest, I got the closest I’ve ever come to ever being car sick– yes, I almost got sick in my first two hours of being in here. It’s a little embarassing. I’m just glad in the end I didn’t. I got to Farley (the guest house I’m staying in) at about 1pm, sooner than I anticipated. I got introduced to the house and most of the people here. Though mostly it has been overwhelming taking it all in. Though, I know they understand that.

I shall update again soon. Perhaps tomorrow or the day after. I would love prayers for restful sleep and quick body clock adjustment as well as all the other adjustments in store. Thanks 🙂

Oh, by the way I’m 13 and a half hours ahead of all you West Coasters (10 and a half ahead of East).

Tomorrow I willy try to give a more significant update as far as where I’m staying and photos etc.


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3 responses to “I made it!

  • Collie Sr

    So glad to hear you’re there safe and sound. What an adventure. You will have many more. We will pray for a quick adjustment to the time, the food, etc.

  • upsidedownbethlehem

    wowzers! I’m sorry your airplane transition was so challenging! You fared well in thinking through a solution though. Well done. (If you were on The Amazing Race you would get lots of cheers from the viewers at home.)

    I am thrilled YOU ARE THERE!!!! It’s almost midnight there now, so I bless you with “sleeping like a rock” and dreaming like a rockstar. hahaha. Peace to all your parts. Outside of time you’ve already been in India three months and it has been absolutely wondrous, beneficial, and transformational to you and many! God’s got you and you will inevitably shine a billion colors of rainbow lines like a prism. It’s going to be fun AND freedom-bringing!

    The paraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaade!

  • dana coburn

    So excited to hear you made it and are beginning what you have been dreaming of !
    You are in our prayers and we are excited for the experiences to come 🙂

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