For all of you who have been anxiously waiting to see the documentation of the improvising of light on Anne’s scooter… here it is. 🙂 (see “new friends  & scooters” if you missed out)

This is a good example of not only how life in India is, but being a FF volunteer… you just have to go with things and expect the unexpected. I’ve learned how best to communicate with the locals– speaking in certain phrasing, enunciating, and body language. And I’ve learned quite quickly how to interact with the girls here in order to get the best results. There are many challenging dynamics. These girls need love, not pity, and with that comes a lot of “tough love” to be careful not to give special attention or be easily manipulated. In many ways we, the FF staff, have a parental role (something that basically all of this girls have lacked). By the way, I refer to the rescued girls/women as girls for a few reasons. When I first got here I’ll admit in some ways I was surprised FF refers to them as such, but being here it really makes since. They range in age, most are my age give or take a couple years, but really they are so much more girls than women. Due to what they have experienced in their lives they haven’t been a part of society the way you and I grow up, it’s like this whole part of their life was taken from them… they missed out on the things you experience as a kid, and on the maturation process. It’s somewhat difficult to explain because there are so many layers to this, as I’ve seen just in this last week and a half, and each girl is unique. Anywho, these girls need your prayers, so please as you think of me being here, consider them.

Well, I suppose that is all for now, I’ve seen some progress and some set backs with the girls already this week. So, here I go riding the waves…


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