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((Zoe* looks on as her cat, Prim (meaning love in Hindi) watches two monkeys at Roja))

Life in Ooty is a much simpler life. I suppose God is trying to use this to teach me the art of rest. In fact, over my bed at Farley hangs Psalm 46:10, “Be still and know I am God.” There’s not much “to do” here, so besides my regular schedule I’m getting to do lots of reading. I’m currently reading two books. One is called “Victory Over the Darkness” by Neil T. Anderson. It’s quite good, there are many things that I am able to apply to both my life and the lives of the girls here in the aftercare program. A lot of what it talks about is our identity in Christ. Something that is also being talked about at the church the Ooty FF staff goes to. “Who you are in Christ is who you really are.” Anyway, good stuff to ponder. Being here in India, so out of my “element” yet, not? haha (I LOVE travel and cultures…  it is really different here and I have to admit I am getting very tired of being stared at for my physical appearance.) I’ve been thinking about a lot of different things. I am reminded how we are all made for greatness. God has so many great things in store for me, for the girls here, and for you too. Things beyond our wildest dreams. Many of you already know, that I plan to do long term missions in France eventually. I know this is where my heart is and where I am called (if you care to know the “story” I don’t mind sharing :)), and yet being here in India I find myself missing and longing for France even more than before. I’m not sure if this is due to relating my experience here in a different country to my experience in France (I lived there for four and a half months in 2007), or if this is due to things inside of me being stirred up because of the way I am serving here. I’ve had some people ask me why I’m going to India if I am called to France, or have even thought this decision means that France is not in my future. I have to admit the first time someone said something of this sort to me I was surprised, though I suppose I can see that point of view. However, I know this- God uses all kinds of experiences in our lives to mold us into who He wants us to be. India’s culture is quite possibly the opposite of France’s, but being here and doing what I am doing… loving on these girls and serving in a way that stretches me, I know without a doubt that I am going to take things from this experience that will help me in the future, likely in ways I wouldn’t have anticipated. God just works like that. ha. Me, a girl that likes big cities, living in a place that doesn’t have much “to do,” a place where I can learn to rest. I can get to know myself, and my Savior a little better. I can learn (and already am) learning to love in ways that I haven’t before because “this is what I’m made for!” I’m made to love others and help them find who they are in Christ. I’m made to be stretched, to not be comfortable (did I mention I hike basically every day, I’ve eaten probably the spiciest food in existence, and I’m serving in ways I don’t “know how”? ha). I’m made to be light like on a mountain top (oh, and just a reminder Ooty is in the mountains 🙂 ); and I am made to be free and declare freedom in other people’s lives.

On another note, for those of you who are curious about what my day to day looks like, here is my schedule for the next month:

Sunday: Church in the morning, after church (English, then Hindi service) walk with the girls back to Roja (where they live) stay until 5pm
Monday: off 🙂
Tuesday: Meet the girls at the bus at 8:15 am to go to Smyrna, spend the day at Smyrna (where they have school in the morning, and work making jewelry and cards in the afternoon), get back to Farley (the guest house I live) at about 5:30pm
Wed: Same as Tuesday with a FF staff meeting in the afternoon
Thursday: FF staff prayer in the morning, Smyrna in the afternoon
Friday: off 🙂
Saturday: 9am-5pm with the girls at Roja (where they live)

Prayer requests:
*We have had some fairly big dramas with the girls here this week… some have been shocking even to the FF staff that has been here a while. For peace with these things, that they would not be continuous problems.
*Two of the girls have some health issues- in addition to Joy* having kidney stones, the most recently rescued girl, Hope*, has some sort of intestinal infection and just started medication, she is also HIV positive and we are currently trying to find out about medications she can take.
*I have yet to sleep well since I’ve been here… for truly restful sleep to begin now.


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One response to “Made for

  • upsidedownbethlehem

    You are so full of wisdom, sis. I love your heart for change and growth.

    You are living an amazing overflow of love in Ooty. You are breathing the reality that “you only keep what you give away.” What I mean is, when you lavish others, you get lavished. It’s in the giving that the deep joy and the life of generosity really establishes itself. I remember many times when I would use my last 10 or 30 or whatever shekels (that’s $2.50-$8.50) on something for my kids in Bethlehem – taxi rides home, snacks at drama practice etc; and somehow generosity would come right back at me- a friend would take me out to dinner or invite me over for dinner or maybe three taxi rides in a row someone else would insist to pay for me. It was always so entertaining to see the way that generosity bred generosity. And that is as true with money as it is with anything else – time, listening, compassion, advocacy. You are cultivating a culture of generosity and THAT is powerful!

    You inspire me, mighty woman of God!

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