Prayer need!

I already posted today, but I know some of you get email notifications and may not see changes made to the previous post.

***Urgent prayer need: I was just informed one of the girls, Zoe* attacked Hope* in a fit of rage…  hit her in the head with her high heal, pulled out some of her hair, kicked her in the stomach, and threw a brick at her. Zoe* is the girl I referenced previously about her improvements with containing her rage, as she has had a history of being violent. This disturbs my spirit as earlier today seemed to be peaceful, and I know that Zoe* has changed and can change. This will likely alter the dynamics with the girls greatly. I will be the “house mother” at Roja Saturday and Sunday. Peace Peace Peace is what we need.

And right now, at 8pm here, there is a raid taking place to rescue at least one girl by FF’s Pune team.

We need prayers for victory! Both, in rescuing and in the situation with Zoe*.


An update– right about the time I posted this Zoe* went in to another rage minutes after Anika (a fellow FF volunteer) came to Roja to be of support to the other two staff persons there. Anika and Anik had to physically hold her down for about ten minutes until Jayson was able to come to talk to her. In the process of kicking etc. she bit Anika twice… As horrible as this is, the thing to praise God for is that Anika was there to help hold her down because she was not successful in attacking Hope* again, also that Jayson and Greg (He and his wife Mala are FF’s founders) were able to talk to her to the point of her calming down. Today they are meeting with her again to talk through things.

*names changed


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5 responses to “Prayer need!

  • Collie Sr

    We’re praying!

  • upsidedownbethlehem

    – I speak peace to Zoe. I speak to her spirit, “Be at rest. God is a good Father and trustworthy. You are worth fighting for and God’s destiny for you is bigger than you imagine.”

    – I speak peace to Hope. “You are safe. You are loved. The Father does not want you to be harmed and He is always present. Take heart, you are fearfully and wonderfully made and you will walk in signs and wonders. You will heal the sick, raise the dead, and cleanse those with leprosy. You were born to change the world.”

    – To the raid: supernatural protection, wisdom, and radical victory. This raid will provoke a landslide of breakthrough, newness, and in-roads to the rescue of thousands. I bless FF with abundance in finances and workers! Fresh vision! Bigger, wilder, more glorious!!!!!!!!

    – To my beautiful sister: heavenly wisdom, insight, and eyes to see into the unseen. You will walk in power and authority like never before. Your confidence will send darkness fleeing. Your joy will unshackle. Your songs will draw angelic presence. Prepare to see things you’ve never seen – more amazing than your dreams. Heaven is an otherworldly place and it’s coming to earth – in India! hahahahahahahaha! I can feel the Holy Spirit’s excitement!

    YEEHAW!!!!! May Jesus get His full reward at FF and throughout India!

  • maryna

    pray that you will be aware of the presence of Father 24/7 . He will bring calmness and peace .

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