(India’s) sickness strikes

Well, at the end of my last post I mentioned being thankful for not having any stomach issues/ sickness…

I’m afraid that only one day later, the report changed. Yup, I got sick. Terribly sick. I couldn’t sleep Monday night, when I got up Tuesday morning I had a bit of a sore throat but didn’t think much of it because I had one a couple weeks before. During the day I began to feel increasingly achey all over, and by the afternoon I felt like all the energy I had just the day before was zapped out of me. I spent most of the afternoon lying down in the staff room at Smyrna as just standing up my head and back begin to throb intensely. By the time I got back to Farley (Anika took me back a little early) I couldn’t believe how awful I felt, though I was glad I didn’t have any stomach pain etc. I was able to take a short nap, when I woke I know I must have had a fever… and later that evening vomiting ensued. I hadn’t thrown up in three years, I suppose you could say I made up for it that night. (So, much for it not having anything to do with my stomach.) Wednesday, I  had no appetite and spent the day and night either in bed with hardly even energy to sit up in it, or making way too many trips to the bathroom… I’ll spare you the details of that. Thursday, was similar with less intensity. I’d like to say I am back to normal today, but I’m not. I’m getting there. I think I will bathe today for the first time in four days… gross I know, but I’ve been too weak to deal with it. I’ve never dealt with a sickness quite like this before, and frankly have been amazed I’ve been able to keep going like this… it’s just exhausted me. I didn’t think it was possible to make as many trips to the bathroom in a couple days time as should be in a week. They say when you come to India you get sick (like what I have had) at least once, obviously I have not been an exception to this. I’m not entirely sure what the root of this is- a bug that’s going around, some sort of bacteria, or maybe something that I ate (though at this point I don’t think is the cause as I’ve figured most of the risky foods I’ve eaten with others who did not get sick- though I suppose my immune system could be weaker). Now that this sort of cruel initiation is over I am hopeful this will be the only time I deal with it.

I am thankful my mental/spiritual state has been good through out this, had it not I know the last few days would have been ten times more trying. I wasn’t at Smyrna at all Wednesday or Thursday, because of this of course. I am hoping I will be back to normal health tomorrow as I am suppose to be with the girls at Roja. I would really rather not have any leftover sickness. I would appreciate prayers for health. Thanks.


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2 responses to “(India’s) sickness strikes

  • upsidedownbethlehem

    uhti, I’m sorry you are so ill! That sounds really truly awful.

    I bless your cells with life and I see BE HEALED. Sickness go, restoration expand. NOW. Stomach, peace be still. wa ha!

  • Peggy Stubbs

    Dori, You are in my prayers. What a great work you are doing. I, too have been laid up this week.

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