3 Liters

Sitting, minding my business, I suddenly felt the cold rush of water all over me… and it didn’t seem to stop. Leaping out of my chair, I ran to get a way from it, but I couldn’t escape it. Three liters of water later… I was soaked.


This has been a quite crazy week for me… I taught three days this week, did a lot with packing/organizing jewelry and beads with Leah, I didn’t have a day off until Thursday, and then Friday night I stayed with the girls at Roja (my first night) and I even stayed Saturday during the day. Needless to say it was a lot.

This afternoon I went with the girls as they helped Anne with horse therapy for a few children. [The girls usually have horse therapy sessions once a week and then occasionally help with the sessions for the kids.] I loved seeing the girls help out. After the sessions ended and we finished our tea, the girls “initiated” me into horse therapy by way of Zoe* pouring a huge tub of water on me. I’m just glad the girls thought through moving my backpack with my camera in it. But, even after drying my clothes on the line at Roja, they weren’t completely dry yet four hours later.

(The girls help with horse therapy)

Zoe* shared more of her story with me on Friday night and also showed me a FF dvd where she explains some of what happened to her as the brothel keeper was on trial (though Zoe* told me this woman has been paying off the police so that she will not go to jail). I did know some of what happened to her after being rescued, but nothing prior. She openly talked about things with me… When she was young, her mother took “a job” to escape her abusive father. Zoe* and her sister went with her. She was promised work, so she took it not realizing she was becoming a temple prostitute. Zoe* lived with her mother at this time, and when she was eight years old her mother died. When Zoe* was twelve she too was forced into a “dirty job” and sent to a brothel. After being in forced prostitution for one year she was rescued— the first girl ever rescued by FF’s efforts. This was May of 2006.

One of the other girls also shared her story with me (she really hadn’t shared that much with me before, though I knew some things from other staff). Some of what she shared with me astounded me. She shared quite a lot of totally new information with me as we sat outside of Roja together- just the two of us as I tried to warm up after being so wet and cold. With out repeating what I have already shared in previous posts, I will piece the rest together. She was married at a young age, her husband ran off, and her husband’s mother was extremely abusive to her. She even hit her over the head with a metal bar. She has had seven surgeries on her head because of it. Seven. She was even kicked in the belly… while eight months pregnant. Faith’s* daughter was born and only four months later, when Faith* was only 14, her husband took the child, this is when her Father’s brother drugged her and trafficked her. She “wanted to die.” This is a horrible, terrible, unspeakable thing for anyone, but for Faith* she felt even more shame because she was still married (they have since divorced and her father wants her to re-marry, but she does not). She desperately wanted her child. A person from IJM was able to rescue her from the brothel after five months. Her daughter is now about to turn 12 years old and lives with Faith’s* father. She told me two nights ago she had a dream about her daughter saying, “Mommy, I miss you. I wish you were here for my birthday.” She said she woke up after that and couldn’t sleep any longer as she cried. {I think her sharing this dream is what broke my heart the most.}

No one here knows that she was married or that she has a child– the staff or the other girls. She told me, “You are the first I am telling.” I couldn’t help but think why me? in that moment as many emotions rushed over me just as the water did earlier in the day. I haven’t totally decided how I am going to handle all this information. It’s a lot to take in and process. It certainly helps me understand these girls better.


Well folks, a month from today (April 5) I will be waking up in my bed back in California. It seems so strange to think I have only about four weeks left here. A couple of weeks ago- when I was sick really- I was struggling with the thought of being here for over a month more with all the challenges involved with being in India and volunteering with FF. But now, I am trying to wrap my head around what it will be like to leave and say good-bye to the girls.

Other News:
*Harmony* and Naomi* indeed left on Tuesday… I’m hopeful for a new step in their lives, but also saddened. I will miss them. Their departure has made me think of what it will be like to say good-bye to the girls is just less than a month now. It won’t be easy. They will forever remain in my heart.
*Hope* wants to be baptized! My heart is so full of joy to find out this news. I am hoping it happens before I leave because I would so much love to witness it.


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One response to “3 Liters

  • upsidedownbethlehem

    Dear world:

    I LOVE MY SISTER!!!! Isn’t she incredible and inspiring!!!!!!!

    Dear Dori:

    You are so amazing. The life you are loving and the love you are life-ing is truly part of transforming India into Jesus’ beautiful bride -a bride who knows her worth. Blessings of vision and dreams every single day and every single night over this last month. The Spirit will speak to you more clearly than ever, prophetic dreams will be your dessert at your day’s end, laughter will be your soundtrack and your alarm clock. You are BEAUTIFUL. I LOVE YOU!

    “Freedom makes a huge requirement of every human being. With freedom comes responsibility. For the person who is unwilling to grow up, the person who does not want to carry his own weight, this is a frightening prospect.”
    Eleanor Roosevelt

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