A glimpse

(two of the girls and Anika all put henna in their hair this week)

This past week has felt like more of a blur than any other and I have to admit it’s been really difficult for me to get myself to sit down and write an update. My weeks seem to be getting fuller, and when I have time off I value it infinitely more than I did a month ago. I am quite quickly exhausted at the end of day and in the past couple days I’ve even been fighting a cold. I’m determined not to get sick and actually, I think my determination is working. 🙂

This weekend Hope* opened up to me about being pregnant last year when her sister got married; she had an abortion when she was five months along. (I was aware of this shortly after coming, but she never brought it up to me.) She also talked about missing her family with me and how it makes her sad when she talks to them on the phone. It’s nice for her to open up. I really have seen a lot of growth in her. It’s amazing. She and I have the least ability to communicate verbally with one another because she knows the least English of the girls. Today, Anika (another volunteer) and I prayed one on one with the girls and I prayed for Hope*. She told me a couple of things to pray for and after I was done praying she said, “I pray for you?” 🙂 It melted my heart a little, as I never asked her too and planned just to pray for her. Though I couldn’t understand her prayer (in Hindi) I felt like crying because it really moved me. After she was finished she brought up me leaving (next week!) and said how she was going to be so sad. She said, “When you come I became soooo happy!” Honestly, this moved me in more ways than one. You see, I got here only about two months after Hope* joined FF. She was recently rescued and not only did she not talk/try to talk with me much, but she also did not seem like she cared about anything much. Over time I slowly began to see a change her. I’ve seen more smiles and more joy, more of an interest in scripture and more passion in prayer.

When I meet the girls at the bus to go to Smyrna I greet them with a “Hello” and “Good-morning” usually asking them how their night was. At first all of the girls were kind of hum drum, sometimes they hardly acknowledged me. Then about half way through my time here I began to see more smiles, and would get more of an answer than a nod of the head. I noticed a change in Hope* and Faith* first, the last few weeks they have greeted me with big smiles. Since then I have even seen changes in Zoe*! Now, most mornings all three of them say “Good-morning” and give me a smile. Quite the change from two and a half months ago!

(turquoise and pearl bracelet I designed last week http://www.ruhamah.in/)

Here are some other highlights from my past week:

*Learning about Indian cooking

*The many monkeys at roja (the girls do not like the monkeys and tend to over react and they were hanging out more than usual this last weekend, but I find them fun) 🙂

*I slept the latest I ever have since I’ve been in India… most mornings I’ve woken up between 6 or 7 am whether I like it or not, but I slept past 8 am on Sunday! I certainly felt more rested which I really needed.

*Giving impromptu geography/world/culture/space/time zone lessons to the girls at Smyrna

*Eating DOMINO’S PIZZA! One opened in Ooty on Monday and some of us went to celebrate Anne’s birthday. It was more delicious than I can express in words. (A little glimpse of home.)

(Domino’s in Ooty?!)

I leave Ooty next week! It is beginning to soak in more now. I have to say, just in the past few days I’ve felt like I’m becoming really ready to leave. By the way, I meant to share  more about Ooty sooner, but if you would like to find out more about Ooty— > http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ootacamund I am incredibly excited to go to Delhi before I leave! As it turns out Anne and I are going to be able to stay with someone in Delhi and have been blessed with some amazing connections which will make our time all the more enjoyable. Yay!

Curious to know my schedule the rest of my time here:

Thursday: last day of teaching!

Friday: Smyrna in the morning, staying with the girls at Roja at night

Saturday: Roja with the girls during the day

Sunday: off

Monday: off

Tuesday: Smyrna

Wednesday: Smyrna

Thursday: morning prayer, off the rest of the day

Friday: fly to DELHI!

…. Monday, April 4th: Fly back to America!


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