Monthly Archives: September 2011

Elephant appreciation day

I’ve found myself missing lots of little things about India lately especially. Things like drinking real chai, munching on food the girls have made, and watching Hindi movies (I watched my favorite Hindi film last night with my sister and apartment mate which thrilled my heart). I even miss the feeling of so appreciating the more Western meals I got to eat… like the night I ate Domino’s pizza just days before leaving Ooty. Ultimately I miss the beautiful faces I met while in India… the smiles, jokes, laughs,  the slow bits of freedom I saw in their dark eyes, and the realization that love is greater.

I discovered today is elephant appreciation today. Hilarious.

I wrote the beginning and end of the children’s story early in the summer, but have struggled with how the middle is meant to be written. I’ve had ideas from the beginning, but it’s the most challenging. Lately, I’ve been seeking God more in this, because I already know I can’t do this in my own power. It’s still amusing to me that I’m even writing a children’s book. 🙂 I’ve learned more and more about the hilarity of God and his workings this summer- maybe more than ever. How appropriate that today is elephant appreciation day and I am missing India while trying to gather more inspiration for my cry for freedom, elephant filled children’s book.

As always, I so appreciate the encouragement, prayers, and feed back I’ve had from you all. I can’t believe the amount of views my blog has had. Even in the past few weeks that has been free of new posts, I’ve been shocked by how many views I’ve had. (I’ve had 1,673 views since I began this blog 11 months ago!) It encourages my heart more than I can say. Incredible.