About me

I am a newly married MSW student trying to balance life… a freedom fighter, Christ follower, and hopeful world traveler. I love new music finds, photography, and polka dots.

January through March 2011 I volunteered with Freedom Firm, a non-profit organization that seeks an end in sex trafficking and forced prostitution in India. This experience has fueled my passion to see the sex trade eradicated. This, and other social justice issues, inspire me to make a difference.

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” -Helen Keller

3 responses to “About me

  • upsidedownbethlehem

    My sister is radical and glorious. I recommend subscribing to her blog and encouraging her on her journey: take her out to tea and ask her questions, give her encouraging notes, give her gifts relating to France or India, and you can also give money toward her trip. All in all, she’s wonderful and quality time is one of her main love languages so, I’m sure she’d love to get together with you or a group (hey! you could have her speak at your youth group/small group/book club/dinner with friends!) and share more about her heart for eradicating sex trafficking from the universe. : ) You are sure to leave feeling more powerful, hopeful, and aware. And she’ll be really encouraged that you took the time to learn more about this issue and the great freedom movement the Holy Spirit is fueling in India.

  • lola

    I happened to read your blog, and I just wanted to say that it was very inspiring and so full of love! Thank you. I have also been to Tamil Nadu, it is so wonderful what you do! Blessings from Norway;)

  • Frank.

    Hey from India.
    Keep up loving Jesus.
    Bless you.

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