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The elephant in the room

So, I may or may not be writing a Children’s book. {insert laughter} Never, ever, would I have imagined myself writing any kind of book. But, here I am. What am I writing about? What’s my vision? Well, I am writing a story about sex trafficking to raise awareness among kids (and parents). I’m sure you are thinking… hmm, interesting topic for a children’s book… how will that work? Well, it will be metaphorical and symbolic above all and meant to provoke thought, hope, and action.

It all started with elephants. I noticed images of elephants seemed to be popping up everywhere and then I was reminded of the phrase “an elephant never forgets” via a song and my mind immediately went to the girls I spend time with in India and how they, and all of the children and women like them around the world cannot be forgotten. So, the main character in the story will undoubtedly be an elephant. Elephants are really interesting to me- they’re known to be very intelligent, but yet they are such unsuspecting funny looking creatures. It makes me think of kids and how so often they are overlooked and not given the credit they are due for their wisdom and creative minds.

Then I had more ideas here and there and reminders of some prophecies over my life that were given last year. Some of which at the time I really wasn’t sure about their accuracy or what they meant. One was from a friend of my sister’s who told me she saw an image of me writing something… and that something seemed to be children’s books. Even then I laughed it off. This prophecy as well as some others that (now) seem to be related to this book writing were recorded and I have been re-listening to them lately.

It has felt like such a shock wave. So unexpected. And now it seems each day I have ideas for this book… ideas about the story as well as the illustrations (my dream is to have a rescued girl illustrate it!). It feels like this has all come tumbling through thin air, but I know it must be part of the bigger picture of what God has for my life and my part in the end of the global sex trade.

I have to say- all of the encouragement and positive feedback I’ve had from my blog has given me a sense of hope and confidence that I can do this. Even announcing it on my blog points to my faith hanging on a tree’s limb. Sex trafficking and it’s surrounding issues have been such an elephant in the room of our world until recently. Thank you to all my readers and supporters who haven’t been afraid to see this HUGE elephant!

Here goes nothing! (or here goes something!)

“There is power in the name of Jesus… to break every chain”

A couple months ago I listened to a message by Kris Vallotton, and he said something so simple, yet new to my ears: “Fear is faith in the wrong guy.” Ha. Fear is the opposite of faith. Of course! This can be related to so much in life. After a conversation on this topic with my best friend last night, I pondered this more. I thought about how I’ve had several people ask me the same question in reference to me going to India, one that is an honest and a valid one,

“Are you scared?”

Most of the time I respond with saying that I am nervous about some things, but overall I’m just excited. Of course no one wants to go with fear, but I have decided that more than anything I don’t because it is partnering with something I don’t believe in. Fear says a giant such as sex trafficking can’t be taken down, faith says it can. We need to pursue truth, and defeat the lies because the truth is God wants to see people set free. Physical, emotional, spiritual freedom…. God doesn’t want just one for us. We’re meant to be free… entirely free. Free of bondage- that includes fear!  I am going to India because I want to see women and children free of sexual slavery, I believe it can happen… AND I want that same sort of freedom Jesus gives in every aspect of my life.

I had $100 more come in, so I’m now at $2,800! God is so good. I appreciate those of you who have partnered with me in God’s desire to see the chains broken. I would like to leave you with a song from an album that I recently got off itunes… one that is inspired by “Nefarious,” a documentary on the sex trade. You can check out the album here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/hold-on-music-inspired-by/id409382758?ign-mpt=uo%3D4