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Sakaal Times article

Sakaal Times Pune has an article where sex trafficking in India is discussed and Freedom Firm, the organization I volunteered with in India, is highlighted.

Read the article here: http://epaper.sakaaltimes.com/SakaalTimes/16Jul2011/Normal/page6.htm


If you want to know more about sex trafficking and are unsure of where to start– this is the post for you! Here is a list of some of the varied resources that exist which I have found to be the most insightful for understanding sex trafficking. Again, due to the nature of this topic I encourage caution. Some of these resources are more intense than others and therefore I would not recommend (books, films) for under the age of 14.


Half the Sky

by Nicolas Kristof & Sheryl Wudunn.
“Half the Sky lays out an agenda for the world’s women and three major abuses: sex trafficking and forced prostitution; gender-based violence including honor killings and mass rape; maternal mortality, which needlessly claims one woman a minute. We know there are many worthy causes competing for attention in the world. We focus on this one because this kind of oppression feels transcendent – and so does the opportunity. Outsiders can truly make a difference.” – http://www.halftheskymovement.org/


by Patricia Mccormick
“As this heartbreaking story opens, 13-year-old Lakshmi lives an ordinary life in Nepal, going to school and thinking of the boy she is to marry. Then her gambling-addicted stepfather sells her into prostitution in India… Part of McCormicks research for this novel involved interviewing women in Nepal and India, and her depth of detail makes the characters believable and their misery palpable. This important book was written in their honor.” –Alexa Sandmann, Kent State University, OH


Human Trafficking (TV mini-series)

“Human Trafficking is a television mini-series about an agent going undercover to stop an organization from trafficking people and shows the struggles of three trafficked women.” -wikipedia.com watch the trailer here: http://www.flixster.com/movie/human-trafficking-videos


“In Cambodia, Holly, a 12 year old Vietnamese girl, encounters Patrick, an American stolen artifacts dealer. The story follows their strong connection and her unrelenting efforts to escape her fate.” -imbd.com watch the trailer here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nl_AtgGNDzA

Born into Brothels (documentary)

“Born into Brothels, by Ross Kauffman and Zana Briski, is the winner of the 77th annual Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature. A tribute to the resiliency of childhood and the restorative power of art, Born into Brothels is a portrait of several unforgettable children who live in the red light district of Calcutta, where their mothers work as prostitutes. Zana Briski, a New York-based photographer, gives each of the children a camera and teaches them to look at the world with new eyes.” -kids-with- cameras.org watch the trailer here: http://www.imdb.com/video/screenplay/vi2965045529/

In addition to the links on the right hand side of my page that are helpful, this blog tackles multiple issues connected with trafficking — http://humantrafficking.change.org/


I can’t even begin to list all the non-profits and organizations I have come across in my search both in the U.S. and abroad. Following Freedom Firm, there are two organizations that have stood out to me more than the others…

Freedom Firm

The non-profit I will be volunteering with has real life stories of rescue and justice on their site. check out the exciting news here: http://www.freedom.firm.in/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&layout=blog&id=47&Itemid=177

Project Rescue

Christian-based organization that helps bring rescue and restoration in India as well. http://www.projectrescue.com/

Restore NYC

Christian-based non-profit based in New York City that’s goal is to be able to provide aftercare for victims in the city. http://www.restorenyc.org/